Originally from parts unknown (OK maybe Greenfield, MA), I’ve spent over the last decade in Los Angeles working on different aspects of the photo industry, from editing major award show photos, to shooting inspiring brands, people, cosmetics, food, while exploring print mediums in the form of zines and short run books. I am always happiest when I am creating!

I can frequently be found looking for props at thrift stores, listening to true crime podcasts, seeking out new snacks, editing photos with my dog Zuzu at my feet or watching foreign song + dance competitions with my Mr.

If you see me in the wild say hello, I’m pretty nice.



Deviance: A Ghost Story (hardcover limited run photo book)

Flawless: anti body shaming photo series

Sideshow: An Illustrated History

Lights on Sepulveda: Photo Zine

Succinct Scary Stories w/ Jonas

Flash: Vol 1

The Love Zine

Suspend Magazine

Nakid Magazine

Obscurae Magazine

Rolling Stone.com

Vents Magazine


Beats Magazine

Pop Sugar

Just Jared

LA Weekly

TMZ, Perez Hilton, People, Us Weekly


Belcampo Meat


*Gallery CV upon request.*