Playing with food

Lately I have been trying to appreciate the small things in life as much as possible while we struggle to exist under an idiotic and dangerous president who seems single-mindedly dedicated to encouraging racism.  In the meantime, while we fight against racism, xenophobia and fear I think it's best to try and take in the tiny things that can make life worth participating in- produce from a garden, light coming in from a window, warm summer afternoons and the company of good people. 

Don't let the bastards grind you down.





In Between: A Practice Comic

Hi everyone,

Life has been a whirlwind lately between taking classes, handling work and mentoring a student for the Las Fotos Project but I managed somehow to squish in work on the first section of a mini comic I'm illustrating based on a wild dream had by the eternally cool Kelly Chou.  At some point when it's done it will all be up for free here somewhere but until then I'm going to release it bit by bit so stay tuned.

Happy spring or whatever,



Smelling the flowers- Antelope Valley California Poppy Edition

Los Angeles is going crazy for flowers this year, and for good reason.  With years of drought plaguing the ecosystems of California, we finally got some rain this season, and with that we got flowers- a whole "Superbloom" of them.

After a good drive down the freeway I spent the afternoon with my favorite space alien musician Nyxe, carefully walking on paths to not crush anything, admiring the poppies, wildflowers and landscapes of Antelope Valley.  While there is a lot going on behind the scenes right now with your faithful photographer, I am doing my best to occasionally, take a moment to smell the flowers.

Here are some photos of things seen along the way.  

January, Faces, Ms Yenny

It's been a rough couple of months.  A lot is going on but I haven't felt much reason to update or create lately and I'm sorry to say, this set of the totally divine Yenny Gar got buried for far too long.

In all this darkness I want to be sure not to forget any of the faces along the way.  Your faces are what inspire me.



Star Trek

Because I am tremendously mature and handling Halloween being over super well (we are never taking the Halloween decorations down ever...) I thought I would share some of the impromptu shoot I did last week with cosplayer extraordinaire/all around excellent human, Darrell Mashia, in one of his many amazing looks- Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge!  

Happy Halloween 24/7!





Ghosts, Goblins, Terrifying Children- Halloween Print Edition is LIVE!

Boils and Ghouls,

Are you excited for Halloween yet?  I am!

This week has been full of snips and sews at Repel Industries HQ working on our Halloween costumes!  Wigs were altered, gauntlets were made, faces were covered in silicone goop but most importantly my Halloween Print Release went LIVE!  (Wooh! Yay! Crowd sounds!)  Right now in the store section of this very site is the chance to own one of only 25 limited edition Halloween Print sets featuring my spooky, nightmarish set with the handcrafted masks of Kirsten Bosio, modeled by her tiny human dolls (aka children) in the wild of secluded Topanga.

The details:  each set includes (7) 5x7 prints, sets are signed and numbered (only 25 made but you already read that) and bound in twine. 30 bucks.  These babies look rad.  Take one home with you while you can.  Until then here are some shots included in the set and remember to check Instagram for outtakes! 

Happy Halloween!




Special Halloween Print Edition Coming Friday!

Starting Friday, to celebrate Halloween (best holiday ever) I will be coming out with a super limited edition print release!  

Inspired by 1920's Halloween costumes and the dark mystique of Ralph Eugene Meatyard, this collection "And Then You Wake Up In The Forest..." features (7) prints of my mask series, shot in secluded Topanga with paper mache masks made from Loose Morals Craft Club founder Kirsten Bosio, and starring her two young daughters, playing in their own reality. 

Each set includes (7) twine wrapped 5x7 prints, hand numbered and signed.  Limited run of (25) sets/  $30.

Teaser images of our cover and some spooky outtakes below. 

Get excited <3


Glitter Glitter Glitter: New Shoot with Pat McGrath Lip Kits

Last month I had the privilege of shooting a really cool set with my long time collaborator Sunny Drissia, who cooked up some goopy gilded makeup that turned out better than I could have even dreamed, finished off with some expertly applied glitter lips courtesy of the Pat McGrath Labs Lust 004 kits.  Plus some frosty white accents and a peacock/mermaid look for good measure!

Take a look at the full set here or see what people are saying about them on Instagram!

Super proud of our all female team!

Photography/Retouching- Rebecca Peloquin

Makeup - Sunny Drissia

Lips- Lili Kaytmaz

Model- Tiffany McColl