Hello! You’ve landed on the most important and most complicated page for everyone! Hooray!

Let’s be real- every project is different and they have all sorts of different uses so pricing can be really different too but I know that doesn’t help you make an informed decision or not feel intimidated about reaching out so I have made this loose guide to get you started. I want you to know that I custom quote every project, from the quickest headshot to the all month product marathons, to make sure that you get the best value and attention to your shoot!

Over the years I have really grown to appreciate the impact a good image can have on helping us get our foot in the door with the clients or jobs we want to notice us, and I sincerely hope that I can be the one to help you achieve all your dreams by showing off your special spark to the world. Please don’t hesitate at all to reach out with any questions! or give me a call or text at: 413.627.9358

To celebrate the launch of my first studio space ever I am offering promos on my best packages!

Ends Dec 31!!!



`One look 30 minute refresher shoot with (2) retouched images starting at $200

Add on more looks and more finished images for more variety!

Hair + Makeup referrals are available.



For the budding influencer or seasoned blogger, show your audience a snippet of your world with a lifestyle package! These can be shot in my studio or on location with as much variety as you can pack in the time frame. (45) minute sessions start at $260 with (10) finished images.

Longer sessions and additional images are available.

 Photos by Rebecca Peloquin
May not be republished without permission 
all rights reserved.


If you can’t tell by now I love shooting food. It is definitely a favorite subject!

If you run a restaurant, are starting a food truck, writing a cookbook or are a DIY-er baking for special events I want to work with you! Need a menu photographed, images to pitch for press kits, in store display artwork, signage or some social media content? Inquire for details! I price all food projects based on the scope of the project and the use of the images while always staying fair to those who feed us!


Professional Portraits with Personality

The “executive” portrait for the creative business owner. Elevate your brand with professional images without sacrificing a drop of your charisma.

Branded packages start at $350 which includes friendly in person or phone consultation to accurately capture the essence of your brand, (1) hour on location shoot (or in studio if that makes you more comfortable) and (10) final images to tell the story of who you are.

Add on more time or images as needed!


Branded Content

From the most DIY makeup companies to the household name apparel companies there is something for everyone. I price each and every job individually with care based on the use of the images and the length of the project.



Whether jewelry, packaging or e-commerce I love the details! Product projects are based on the use of the image and volume of work but half day rates start at $650.