Ghosts, Goblins, Terrifying Children- Halloween Print Edition is LIVE!

Boils and Ghouls,

Are you excited for Halloween yet?  I am!

This week has been full of snips and sews at Repel Industries HQ working on our Halloween costumes!  Wigs were altered, gauntlets were made, faces were covered in silicone goop but most importantly my Halloween Print Release went LIVE!  (Wooh! Yay! Crowd sounds!)  Right now in the store section of this very site is the chance to own one of only 25 limited edition Halloween Print sets featuring my spooky, nightmarish set with the handcrafted masks of Kirsten Bosio, modeled by her tiny human dolls (aka children) in the wild of secluded Topanga.

The details:  each set includes (7) 5x7 prints, sets are signed and numbered (only 25 made but you already read that) and bound in twine. 30 bucks.  These babies look rad.  Take one home with you while you can.  Until then here are some shots included in the set and remember to check Instagram for outtakes! 

Happy Halloween!