Contacts: Halloween, Halloween, Halloween

Contacts + Halloween

So you may or may not know that Halloween is a big deal in our house.  I'm sure I've been really casual about it but it's possible that I've let this fact slip somewhere.  (I AM SO EXCITED FOR HALLOWEEN!!)  Each year the dude and I try to one up each other on makeup and costuming (I love you babe but I refuse to let you win)  and end up fantastically ridiculous specimens of DIY.   Lately this has resulted in us heading to Stan Lee's Comikaze in Los Angeles, (aka LA Comic Con..shrug.. whatever) to wander around with too much makeup on until my feet fall off because of poor shoe choices.   This year after a few straight years of being characters, I am making my own!  She doesn't have a name yet but she is going to be weird.  (I'M EXCITED.)

The first step to greatness in costumes is obviously contacts.  Also I like seeing, so there is that.   I order my circle lens contacts (for enlarging the appearance of eyes) from a place called Pinky Paradise and they just came in today!  Since the Fedex guy saw me trying to take self portraits and gave me a concerned look I felt it was only fair to share the awkwardness with the class.  Hi Fedex guy, you are an inspiration. Behold my face three ways...

 Princess Pinky Cosplay White Mesh

These are the ones I will be using for the costume.  Spooky, white out contacts with a mesh texture.  Since these cover the pupil as well as the iris for full coverage they do change your vision.  I got mine in prescription so I can *mostly* see but they appear as if you are looking through a kind of fog.  Since I already live my life like I am in a fog I think that's ok.

 Vassen Rainbow Eyes Purplish Red

These dudes I got just to play with and casually see.  On occasion I don't like wearing glasses so I turn to circle lenses for a little fun with my face and general optical assistance.  Also it is really an amazing thing to watch a person squint at your face, know something is different, not be able to figure it out and just get nervous.  It's good clean recreational weirdness.  Despite these saying they are PURPLE and RED I only really see them on the outside of my iris and unlike a lot of the more dramatic colored contacts these don't have a black limbic ring so I feel like they blend pretty well.  That being said the first thing my co-worker said to me when i got into work was "Are you wearing those freaky contacts again?"

Mystery Pair!!! 

For $8 on Pinky Paradise you can select "Crazy Random Sale for Random Circle Lenses".  Can you tell they are random?  They are.  It's CRAZY.  Also I figured why not roll the dice and see what I get.  Maybe I can become a new one contact pioneer like Marilyn Manson when he was still doing things that weren't awful, or maybe I could just end up with two contacts that don't match and that will be my life now.  

I am pretty sure the ones I ended up with are the G&G Leopard Brown on the left (not my left, picture left..not at all confusing right?) and the Vassen Rainbow Eyes in Pinkish Brown on the right. I'm pretty stoked on the Vassen ones because I almost bought those instead of the above purple/red ones.  I don't know that they really go together but it was a fun experiement. 

Ok well that was fun.  I hope you enjoyed the many faces of RP. Contacts can be found at Pinky Paradise  my face can be found in the wild.


Ok Bye.