Breakfast + Snack Goals

Last night I had a dream about food photography.  I am actually thinking about taking photos of food while unconscious now. It's pretty much the best thing you could dream about, but still I blame my new food project. Fortunately I was also awoken to the sounds of my wonderful partner making breakfast.  This is also never a bad thing.  

Today he made Keto friendly breakfast sandwiches with homemade biscuits, tomato and fried egg!  He even brought coffee home so I could drink it cold right away, which is necessary because ICED COFFEE IS LIFE.  What a hero right?  Here it is, beautiful breakfast and coffee in a vintage Federal Glass holographic mug my dad rescued from someone in MA...



Now that you've seen a snack let me woo you with my food project!  

The idea is to document our identity, who we are and where we came from, though food.  So many of our meaningful meals come from memories of childhood, things a parent or grandparent made, or something we learned to make ourselves- I want to capture some of that and save it.  We live in a world of instant gratification, and are growing always into new blended family units and new adults, what we keep and treasure is important.

If you have a special meal you would like to share with me please shoot me an email ( and we can figure out how to make it happen!   I'd like to photograph you making a snack, meal or beverage, you with the special something, and the creation on it's own!

Happy snacking, over and out.