Happy Holidays Pals!


I was going to share an end of the year food story, or make some special holiday toffee to share (spoiler alert: definitely did not get to it) but instead I figured at the end of a pretty gross year, the cool thing to do would be to thank all the people who made the best of a bad deal and reflect on what was cool.


This year was certainly filled with a lot of nonsense in the world, good people getting hurt for dumb reasons, our political structure failing us, and reason and logic seem to have taken many giant leaps backward instead of springing forward into progress.  All in all it was not a good look for a year.

That being said I got the chance this year to connect with a lot of great new friends though my food memory project, (which hopefully you all have been enjoying) and a real chance to reconnect with what I love about photography- the simplicity of catching the shot as it unfolds. 

For the last several years I've been all about creating the look I wanted through very controlled artificial lighting, perfected makeup by very talented makeup artists (hey MUAs you are the best!) and very tight, refined retouching.  While I totally love creating a look, this food project has been a much needed departure, forcing me to capture instead of create.  All the stories are shot with available light in the subject's kitchen, with a trusty 50 mm lens and are filled with the fun imperfections that make life interesting.  The sets are shot chatting with interesting folks, while sipping a coffee or a tea, finding out our common bonds and shared interests.  It's been refreshing artistically and emotionally and I want to sincerely thank every single person who has let me creep on them in the kitchen so far, or who have tossed a kind word my way!  I hope 2018 lets me meet so many more people with so many more stories to share!

As you all tuck into your holiday traditions I wanted to share a tiny glimpse into our Christmas so far.  Growing up in Massachusetts I had plenty of little holiday traditions with my family, moving the "mouse" on our advent calendar, eating Panettone, trying to not get knocked out by the ceramic stocking hangers when we pull down our stockings on Christmas morning (looking at you little brother...), hoping for snow or hoping for less snow (shoveling sucks guys) but am excited as I get older to build some new traditions with my dude combining some of the old ones with new things to come.  Our Christmas tree this year has ornaments to remind him of his home in New Orleans, a cheesy shrinkee dink Sho'nuff from our first year together (if you don't get this watch the Last Dragon stat), things we've made together and our cool new Mr Oogie Boogie Man!

Topping the tree is our beautiful angel, Adriana Llama- lighting the way into an excellent new year.


Whatever is in store for us in 2018, I hope you all have the best holiday season, full of terrible for you snacks you shouldn't feel guilty over, lots of embarrassing Mariah Carey songs and the best of pals for company!  Thanks for sticking with me in 2017, I'll catch you all in the new year!