Art Adventures With Snow

Hello friends, it is another year.  I hope everyone is starting theirs off with a bang! Things on this end so far have been a hectic blur of all things great starting off with some big news that dropped right as the ball did at midnight on NYE.... (dun, dun, dun)

Sorry about my face I was excited can you tell? I know I'm very casual...

Sorry about my face I was excited can you tell? I know I'm very casual...

We got engaged!  Wooh!  Someday I will get to be Mrs. Dude....or something!  Yay!  

Mr. Dude conspired with everyone behind my back to have this gorgeous Rutilated Quartz ring made by my pals at Variance Objects.  It is seriously the most beautiful thing ever...


So basically after I died from that shock, I reincarnated myself as...well...myself and did some cool shoots because photography stops for no one!  So far some really exciting things have popped up with Belcampo Restaurant and rad kids clothing line Tiny Bangs as well as a most Flashdancy album cover for the incredible Good Witch none of which I can really share yet so use your imagination stations.  Since there aren't a ton of things to show yet let me brag about one of my pals achievements.


Tami Bahat is an incredible photographer- like I mean extraordinary, once in a lifetime talent.  Not only is she consistently creating stunning Renaissance-like images with the medium of photography and turning all the heads in the art world, she is a super nice human too.  Her work evokes moments lost in time, glimpsed in fragments of stories.  



She adorns her noble human characters in shrouds and humble garments while they work or dream with wild, animal companions.  The images are showcased in gorgeous ornate frames she must have scoured from every antique store on the globe, certainly painstakingly selected to compliment their subjects.  


From what I understand her show that is currently up at the Building Bridges Art Exchange at Bergamot Station (now renamed 26th Street Art Center) in Santa Monica is her first major solo show and it does not disappoint.  

Since I missed the opening due to a bout with that gross cold everyone in Los Angeles got, I was determined to make it there in the flesh to see her creations in their full glory. So the other day armed with sincere excitement and joined by my pal Snow who was visiting from New Zealand we transported ourselves down the 10 freeway and into another time. 

Hi Snow...

Hi Snow...

While I always regret missing the excitement of an art opening, the awed silence of a gallery midday is a transformative and special experience.  The air felt solomn and reverent.  The walls of the space felt like they were aware of the value of their contents.   Light baroque music filled the room around us catapulting us into a feeling of almost religious calm.  

Some of the artifacts of her images were delicately laid out.  A cradle, a pair of shoes, a mantle displayed as an altar to nature and curiosity.  It was sublime.  I don't want to give too much away because the experience is really a one of a kind intimate affair so I'll stop about here but I encourage each and every one of you to make an excuse to visit Bergamot Station (aka 26th Street Art Center, take a walk, get some fresh air and come see some truly special art. You still have some time before her show closes on Feb 17.

Here are some other images from our adventure...

And I'm very happy to see the living wall is still hanging in there after all this time!

Anyway happy January- keep kicking ass in whatever it is you want to kick ass in and until next time...

Happy snacking,