Hands Schmands, Hand Photography

If you’ve ever gotten to shake my hand in real life you probably noticed my hands are pretty distinctive. Which matches the other parts of me which are also…what is the opposite of subtle? Up until now those weird sausage fingers of mine were doing just fine in the world, living life, being fingers, until that is, I started doing food photography.

While I am definitely aiming to do more commercial food photography than food blogging, I have noticed a popular trend of food bloggers using their own hands. The best example of this is my new favorite food blogger/photographer extraordinaire turned legendary cookbook maker Nik Sharma of A Brown Table. He manages to make his hands tossing in a pinch of spice or kneading a dough look otherworldly. Also he has nice hands. So his mits inspired my mits to jump in frame.

Unfortunately or fortunately they are those aforementioned, “distinctive” hands so it was going to be real obvious when I used them that they were mine and not a models. I worried for a bit that folks might see this as unprofessional, me not hiring a hand model, but in the spirit of DIY I figured I’d give it a shot, or..a couple of shots.

The Apple Hand Test


Wow look I did it, that wasn’t so bad? Takeaways, I would never normally stick my face that close to a knife, and also cutting an apple “normally” looks dumb on camera. Who knew? Now to eat an apple and drink some not at all hot anymore tea!


Take Two, Fancy Scissors and Sprouts

The second I saw these scissors I knew I had to have them for a shot. These bad bois will make appearances in a bunch of my test photos. It’s like “Where’s Waldo” except Waldo is scissors from Amazon.


Along the way I learned some tips and tricks, like things that look good on camera often feel really weird (sorry every model I have ever worked with), the correct way to do something might not look pretty, and trying to cut but not cut sprouts is kind of funny but it’s been a fun little experiment. I think these fingers did alright!


Til next time,

Happy snacking,