Cookies With Patricia

Orange Infused Chocolate Chip Cookies


Earlier this month I kicked off my food project with a maiden voyage shoot featuring Los Angeles pastry chef Patricia Mentzer and a batch of unbelievable orange infused chocolate chip cookies.  At the start of projects I never know what to expect, if there will be a bumpy road to get traction or smooth sailing out the gate.  All I knew as I walked up the stairs to her apartment with my trust 50mm lens was I was excited to see how things would go and knew I had a special woman to start things off right.

Patricia and I met years ago while both working for a local diner where she made the sought after desserts and I badly waited tables (no I will not get you any ranch dressing).  Since then I've watched her bounce from place to place making drool worthy creations everywhere along the way.  Obviously I was thrilled when she offered to show me how she makes a perfect cookie. 

Getting ready.  

Patricia measures out the ingredients from the recipe copied by hand in her notebook and begins to mix the dough.  The small bit of grated orange zest gives a buoyant kick of citrus. 

Dough is formed and shaped with enough space to allow these bad boys to turn into giant monster cookies when they grow up.  Patricia strikes a pose with her cookie dough friends.


A break while cookies cook.

Patricia pulls our cookie pals from the oven and sprinkles on a touch of sea salt to make the flavors pop.  She then makes a second batch of cookies and we compare how the flavors differ when the dough is room temperature or straight out of the fridge.  I found the orange was a softer more present taste in the room temp batch and a stronger, lingering aftertaste in the chilled batch.  I didn't have any idea temperature changes taste.

Taste test + sharing with her roommate.  It must be cool to live with a baker....

Life changing Orange Chocolate Chip Cookies...


Thanks for starting us off right Patricia.  You and your cookie creations are the best!

Stay tuned for more food adventures.  Lots of cool snack stories to come!