Farmers Market Empanadas with Pam


This week I caught a cold.  It was pretty well deserved after Halloween weekend as a fairly irresponsibly dressed ghost, but it was still a cold.  The newly grey California weather this week and cold have set me back a little bit of enthusiasm for editing photos of the rad snacks people have cooked for me in the last few weeks, so I took a little break this week to recouperate, but rest assured no cold can keep me down that long- especially when there are cool food photos to share, so they will be coming.

In the meantime, yesterday I was happily dragged out of my house to check out the Echo Park farmers market and drink a much needed coffee with one of my favorite pals.  Along the way we found some snacks, because what is cooler than friendship + snacks?

Pam, the force behind rad LA band Nyxe, has a lot of dietary restrictions due to super annoying allergies, but still likes a good snack just like all of us. 


Fortunately for her we stumbled upon Komeme Vegetariano- an awesome Vegan and Gluten Free Empanada stand that was vending at the Farmer's Market.  She was able to get savory black bean, a super flavorful potato and leek and a sweet peach empanada that all tasted great and kept her belly happy.

I often forget how hard it can be to find cool food that is tasty, diverse and safe for dietary restrictions and was glad we found Komeme.  I snagged a couple bites and was really impressed even if I have probably never met an offensive empanada.  These little dudes were a great snack for a finally fall day.  Maybe you can check them out the next time you are roaming the market looking for a tasty and healthy snack.  Pam and RP aproved!

Happy Halloween, happy fall, happy snacking!


Echo Park Farmers Market : Fridays 3-7pm

Lot #663 Logan St. 
Los Angeles, CA 90026