Thanksgiving + Stuffles


Thanksgiving is always a special undertaking in our household, considering the creativity and culinary excellence of my deeply excellent Dude, but this year was even more special as we were visited by Dude Senior for his first trip to Los Angeles.  Joined by family, a group of great friends and our dopey pit ZuZu we properly overindulged with (2) deep fried turkeys, collard green and cornbread stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, baked mac and cheese, potato salad, some Moroccan inspired fish,  an artichoke and burrata dish, beet hummus, cranberry sauce, and an actually inspired version of that lame green bean casserole I love that no one else does.   I had intended to take loads of photos but I got distracted and ate all day instead.  Ooops.

Our kitchen required above average cleanup...

Our kitchen required above average cleanup...

The next day the Dude really went above and beyond for leftover breakfast- working up a creation known as "Stuffles" inspired by a recipe he found through his work with Disney. 

These magnificent Stuffles were leftover stuffing popped into the waffle iron until perfectly crispy, with a plentiful drizzle of gravy and topped with an over easy egg.  Or in my case, over medium because runny white bits give me nightmares.  When the yolk was punctured it ran into the waffle squares and scooping it up with a tiny bite of cranberry sauce made the whole breakfast rich, hearty and with that dash of tart sweetness.  It was so good I asked him to make it the next day for breakfast too!

I hope everyone got a chance to hang out with some cool people and snack the day away, and maybe the weekend too.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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