Black Friday


My mother is a huge stickler for a deal.  Every year she would wake up absurdly early the day after Thanksgiving while we all still were sleeping, and drive from our house in Massachusetts into New Hampshire (where there is no sales tax) to shop for Christmas presents at Walmart.  She'd come back tired, but victorious, stash her finds and run off to work for the rest of the day and night.  That woman is dedicated to a bargain.

While I still can't help but stop and check out anything with a markdown sticker (it's in my BLOOD!) I won't make you all chase after me for a deal or wake up early (mornings...why?).  Starting Friday everything in my shop- including Los Angeles based photo shoots- will be 20% off with the code GOTHFRIDAY.  It's a little thank you for all the fun we've had over the year.  It will also be my last booking window for 2017 and the last chance for my 2017 pricing.  You don't have to book something before the end of the year, I know we are all SO busy with holidays, family and end of year business goals so you can just reserve a spot and schedule within 6 months and the discount is applied.  No sweat.

I hope you all have a super happy Thanksgiving, get loads to eat and don't let your family drive you crazy.



Happy Thanksgiving!.png