Boots: A Love Story

At the beginning of time there was a teenage baby goth in rural New England kicking snow in ripped up sneakers, dreaming of a better life- a life of better shoes. It was then that the clouds parted in the middle of an army navy store in Brattleboro, VT (why are there clouds inside a store RP? Don’t worry about it pals..) and she saw her first pair of combat boots. Those boots lasted 1 million and 3 years and were a huge game changer. Following the untimely death of those boots (why couldn’t they last forever) she thought she would never love another pair of boots again, until the clouds parted again in a thrift store on Melrose Boulevard in California (ok seriously w/ the inside clouds again?).

These new to her boots were made by Gripfast, a company out of England and were the most beautiful boots in all the land. They had metal screws in the bottom that set off literally every metal detector she walked through, natural white contrast stitching (not like that annoying attention seeking yellow of Docs) and were tough unbeatable leather, 10 holes of glory (that sounds awful but leaving it) and were comfortable and confidence inducing to wear, something the girl did for roughly the next 6 years.

Now a grown up goth, the girl was finally ready for a new pair of shit-kickers that hadn’t had the shit kicked out of them. So she once again turned to Gripfast for a brand new pair of expertly made boots, which she is happily wearing as she pens this ridiculous post. But while out with the old and in with the new is a nice idea, she wanted to take a moment to thank those boots for all the miles along the way, the terrain they’ve taken her to, the puddles she avoided getting wet in and all those metal detectors they set off. Old boots, thanks for a good time. New boots, are you ready?


So like, did you get that the girl is me? Because…

Ok sorry. The end.



*this was not an ad I just liked those boots a lot*