I want to make 2019 our best year yet!

Hi friends,

As you might have seen in the last few blog posts there has been A LOT to be excited about in 2018. I got engaged, got married in a WRESTLING WEDDING (yes seriously), went on a honeymoon and am now embarking on a scary new chapter, STUDIO LIFE!!! This year has definitely been one for the books! That being said everything in the world has been far from peachy so I want to do my part to make sure that 2018 goes out with a bang for everyone.

I’ve done a lot of thinking about what I want 2019 to be like and I know with certainty I want it to be filled with love, encouragement, and much more building up then tearing down so here is what I am offering to round out the year, get us all in fighting shape for 2019 and kick this studio off in the best way!

These packages are for the creatives in Los Angeles who have been busting their asses, putting themselves and their talents out there, day after day and who deserve a break and some recognition. I can’t promise you the moon (I mean I can give you a sticker I made w/ the moon on it?) but I do know the power of a good image and a good discount for good people, so here it is.


Get Ready for 2019 + New Studio Deals


The ‘Bring your Biz into the Future’ - $275 regularly $350

I’m leading with this because it’s not only my most discounted package, but the one I hope most people take advantage of. Small businesses are the heart of our community and I want to help that heart thrive. Maybe you are an artist who makes ceramics, maybe a second language tutor, maybe you took over your family’s business and are trying to attract a wider audience or maybe you have a great idea you are trying to get off the ground- this is for you.


Pre-shoot consultation, phone, facetime or in person to develop your brand strategy and how we will illustrate it

(1) hour shoot featuring portrait of you, details of product or topic and brand specific qualities (colors/logos/textures) that speak to elevate your narrative.

(10) finished images for use in all personal branding mediums (website/social media/newsletters/press kits/etc just no print advertising)

add on (15) shots $100


The ‘Crush The Algorithm’ Lifestyle package - $200 regularly $260

We all know social media is a necessary evil these days, and while cell phone snaps will get us all a long way, professional photos will set you apart and push you over the finish line with your audience. Maybe you are a veteran blogger, a new to the game influencer, a style aficionado, or just want to finally have some non-selfie shots, why not treat yourself right in 2019 and honor exactly how cool you really are. I think you are wicked cool. These sets are so much fun!


(45) minute shoot in studio or surrounding area (DTLA/Santee Alley/ Flower District/Echo Park)

(10) finished images for use in all personal branding mediums (website/social media/newsletters/press kits/etc just no print advertising- if you tag brands in your post and they re-post just make sure there is a tag/credit no extra charge)

Double your trouble (Or success? Maybe that? Yeah that!) (90) min + (20) shots $300


The ‘Update Your Look/ Lemmie See That Rad Face’ Portrait package- $150 regularly $200

The world needs more photos of your face, it just does. I could stop right there but I clearly am not going to. I really want to see your face, and I really want to see it IRL. Let’s take a portrait, maybe a headshot so you can land that leading role (and I can brag to everyone I know you), a bangin’ portrait for a dating site (I met my HUSBAND on Tinder hellooo), a bio photo for your website or author’s photo for the book jacket of your definitely 2019 bestseller, or maybe a photo of you and your cat..because…some people need photos w their cats. Whatever it is, show off that beautiful mug. It’s about time to be proud of your face, it’s yours and it’s awesome.


(1) look (about 30 min)

(2) retouched finals (detailed skin/makeup work included)

Add on a look and (2) more finals for $50 (regularly $75)

Ok So How Do I Book?

It’s easy! Just email me what you’d like to reserve at: Rebecca@RebeccaPeloquin

Once we have a game plan I will shoot you over a contract with the package you decided on and an invoice to pay. If you know when you’d like to shoot awesome! If not you have 90 days to book your date!

To secure these rates, promos need to be booked by Dec 31, with signed contract, paid in full by credit card, paypal or venmo or cash if you literally want to find me and hand me actual dollar bills.

Can I buy a shoot as a gift?

Sure thing! Follow the same procedures as if it was for you but let me know who your special someone is and I will make them a badass gift certificate for you to wrap up and present like the real winner of Christmas/Hanukkah/Winter Solstice/ Kwanzaa you are.

What’s the deal w/ the contract aka. are you going to sue me?

Nah who has time for that, also, you know, I like you. Our contract is an agreement to make sure we are on the same page about all the nitty gritty stuff like where images can be used, what package you bought and how many images you will get, along with when you’ll get them and all that fun stuff. It’s a handy cheat sheet for answers that sometimes get lost in the excitement of "oh my god what are you going to wear for your photos!?!” As always if you have any questions about anything at all, just ask! I am here to help!

Anything else RP?

Why yes! While this will likely be the only promo I offer for 2019 I wanted to offer it right at the start so we can all have a fresh and fun start. I sincerely hope this gives me a chance to work with those of you who I haven’t gotten the privilege of working with yet, and another round with some of my most favorite faces! I know 2019 is going to be the best one yet!

Happy holidays from my family to yours,