Ooh La La, Pretty Pastries in Los Angeles

If you have ever been around me when I suggest places for lunch or it should come as exactly zero surprise I love my local bakery/cafe Gigis’ in Echo Park.

Gigi’s has a glorious assortment of Cuban favorites and Mexican staples (hello potato balls and cheese + guava empanadas…), a really bangin Medianoche sandwich and one of my favorite neighborhood breakfasts (beans + crema + plantains thank you very much) but on this particular day I was in search of a couple of pretty pastries for a portfolio picture (ok alliteration calm down) and knew they would deliver.

As I work on getting up to speed in the food and beverage industry one of the biggest challenges is what to photograph for my portfolio? I am not a baker. This is beyond obvious. I could over-bake air. (Meringue? Impossible! Who do you think I am? A wizard?) So I am relying on some of my favorite neighborhood spots to help a girl out in a pinch. I’m not getting anything by sharing this, just that I hope you all keep supporting your local food spots so they stick around in these messy gentrifying times. ANYWAY, so on this day Gigi’s got called into action in the studio. Here were some of the shots I came up with!


***That bottle is a several hundred year old ceramic bottle that was literally dug up in England that I picked up on my honeymoon with the Mr who was patient enough to let me talk to a dude at a street market for entirely too long about antique bottles and historical dumping sites….***


Things I learned

  • Meringue melts really fast and is super easy to mess up even if you are careful

  • It can be fixed in retouching which I did a lot of in these shots

  • Berries in a guava syrup look pretty erotic

  • I’m ok with that

  • Having a brush and tools are very useful for carefully moving accidental crumbs

  • The best part of shooting pastries is sharing those beautiful babies with my studio mates!

Hopefully this inspires you to all go out and grab a snack from a local spot! Until next time,

Happy snacking,



Dried Oranges + Food Styling Adventures


We are almost one month into 2019, how is your year going? Over here Los Angeles we have been seeing some uncharacteristically cold and rainy days that serve to remind everyone in Southern California that, yeah, regrettably it’s still winter (at least for a couple more weeks)! Since no one in LA likes to go outside in the rain (or mild cold) I’ve been channeling some indoor, wintery vibes for some cozy beverage shots to up my styling game.

Food styling experiment: Dried Oranges

As I explore the transition into editorial and commercial food photography I find myself experimenting with as many new aspects of the industry as I can manage. Since I am not as culinarily gifted as many of the chefs or bloggers turned photographers I’ve been mostly teaming with awesome cooks or snagging some special treats to play with that were not contaminated by my terrible cooking. The one area I usually can be counted on though is styling, but what would happen if I combined styling elements with actually TURNING ON THE OVEN? I wasn’t sure either but all I knew was I had been seeing some beautiful shots with dried orange slices and I was in the know on where to get some oranges so it was worth a try…


The mission was simple, slice some oranges, put them on a bakers rack and toast them up low and slow over the course of a day. Since I had a full day of photos to edit and no place to go I figured it was my moment. These little guys went into the oven at 200 degrees F for their super long sauna.


Midway through


This was about 3 hours into the process- the orange peels were dried out and solid but the pulpy bits were still loads too sticky. Back in they went

7 hours Mark

After about 4 hours I started setting the timer for 45 min and gave these bad boys a peek to see if they had exploded or anything horrible, or if we were still smooth sailing. At about 7 hours in I decided they weren’t getting any drier and we had done the damn thing. Since it was such a low temp they were able to be handled right away and not too hot to the touch but I left them on the rack to cool down for the night before packing them away to take to the studio for the shot.


I really love how the blood oranges dried out! I was worried they might loose some of their color but they stayed a nice shade of wine.


After I was done oggling them the next day I loaded them up and brought them to my new studio space to debut in a warm, wintery beverage shot!

The Final Result: Mulled Wine Food and Beverage Photo with Dried Orange and Star Anise


Ta-da! It’s a busy week for me with some exciting beauty + snack shots so that’s it for me but I hope you all enjoyed my baby steps into food styling!

Have a rad week and happy snacking!



I want to make 2019 our best year yet!

Hi friends,

As you might have seen in the last few blog posts there has been A LOT to be excited about in 2018. I got engaged, got married in a WRESTLING WEDDING (yes seriously), went on a honeymoon and am now embarking on a scary new chapter, STUDIO LIFE!!! This year has definitely been one for the books! That being said everything in the world has been far from peachy so I want to do my part to make sure that 2018 goes out with a bang for everyone.

I’ve done a lot of thinking about what I want 2019 to be like and I know with certainty I want it to be filled with love, encouragement, and much more building up then tearing down so here is what I am offering to round out the year, get us all in fighting shape for 2019 and kick this studio off in the best way!

These packages are for the creatives in Los Angeles who have been busting their asses, putting themselves and their talents out there, day after day and who deserve a break and some recognition. I can’t promise you the moon (I mean I can give you a sticker I made w/ the moon on it?) but I do know the power of a good image and a good discount for good people, so here it is.


Get Ready for 2019 + New Studio Deals


The ‘Bring your Biz into the Future’ - $275 regularly $350

I’m leading with this because it’s not only my most discounted package, but the one I hope most people take advantage of. Small businesses are the heart of our community and I want to help that heart thrive. Maybe you are an artist who makes ceramics, maybe a second language tutor, maybe you took over your family’s business and are trying to attract a wider audience or maybe you have a great idea you are trying to get off the ground- this is for you.


Pre-shoot consultation, phone, facetime or in person to develop your brand strategy and how we will illustrate it

(1) hour shoot featuring portrait of you, details of product or topic and brand specific qualities (colors/logos/textures) that speak to elevate your narrative.

(10) finished images for use in all personal branding mediums (website/social media/newsletters/press kits/etc just no print advertising)

add on (15) shots $100


The ‘Crush The Algorithm’ Lifestyle package - $200 regularly $260

We all know social media is a necessary evil these days, and while cell phone snaps will get us all a long way, professional photos will set you apart and push you over the finish line with your audience. Maybe you are a veteran blogger, a new to the game influencer, a style aficionado, or just want to finally have some non-selfie shots, why not treat yourself right in 2019 and honor exactly how cool you really are. I think you are wicked cool. These sets are so much fun!


(45) minute shoot in studio or surrounding area (DTLA/Santee Alley/ Flower District/Echo Park)

(10) finished images for use in all personal branding mediums (website/social media/newsletters/press kits/etc just no print advertising- if you tag brands in your post and they re-post just make sure there is a tag/credit no extra charge)

Double your trouble (Or success? Maybe that? Yeah that!) (90) min + (20) shots $300


The ‘Update Your Look/ Lemmie See That Rad Face’ Portrait package- $150 regularly $200

The world needs more photos of your face, it just does. I could stop right there but I clearly am not going to. I really want to see your face, and I really want to see it IRL. Let’s take a portrait, maybe a headshot so you can land that leading role (and I can brag to everyone I know you), a bangin’ portrait for a dating site (I met my HUSBAND on Tinder hellooo), a bio photo for your website or author’s photo for the book jacket of your definitely 2019 bestseller, or maybe a photo of you and your cat..because…some people need photos w their cats. Whatever it is, show off that beautiful mug. It’s about time to be proud of your face, it’s yours and it’s awesome.


(1) look (about 30 min)

(2) retouched finals (detailed skin/makeup work included)

Add on a look and (2) more finals for $50 (regularly $75)

Ok So How Do I Book?

It’s easy! Just email me what you’d like to reserve at: Rebecca@RebeccaPeloquin

Once we have a game plan I will shoot you over a contract with the package you decided on and an invoice to pay. If you know when you’d like to shoot awesome! If not you have 90 days to book your date!

To secure these rates, promos need to be booked by Dec 31, with signed contract, paid in full by credit card, paypal or venmo or cash if you literally want to find me and hand me actual dollar bills.

Can I buy a shoot as a gift?

Sure thing! Follow the same procedures as if it was for you but let me know who your special someone is and I will make them a badass gift certificate for you to wrap up and present like the real winner of Christmas/Hanukkah/Winter Solstice/ Kwanzaa you are.

What’s the deal w/ the contract aka. are you going to sue me?

Nah who has time for that, also, you know, I like you. Our contract is an agreement to make sure we are on the same page about all the nitty gritty stuff like where images can be used, what package you bought and how many images you will get, along with when you’ll get them and all that fun stuff. It’s a handy cheat sheet for answers that sometimes get lost in the excitement of "oh my god what are you going to wear for your photos!?!” As always if you have any questions about anything at all, just ask! I am here to help!

Anything else RP?

Why yes! While this will likely be the only promo I offer for 2019 I wanted to offer it right at the start so we can all have a fresh and fun start. I sincerely hope this gives me a chance to work with those of you who I haven’t gotten the privilege of working with yet, and another round with some of my most favorite faces! I know 2019 is going to be the best one yet!

Happy holidays from my family to yours,



Mooning With My Honey, And Other Stories

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Friends, family, clients and all of those that fall into multiple categories,

It has been a hell of a couple of weeks over here. As you probably have noticed from me posting a pile of photos to social media, the Mr and I just got back from our honeymoon. Just as in, last night so forgive me if all of this sounds like the rambling of a jet-lagged woman, because, well, it is.

First up on the exciting news front- I have just signed on the dotted line to share a studio space with some incredible other artists starting in a couple of weeks, which I am THRILLED about even though sleepy, (seriously what time does my body even think it is?) and will have all of the glorious details about that later on this week including some really killer “welcome to the neighborhood” promos to get everyone in the mood to come visit me for photos and just generally as a big thank you to everyone for their support and a little way to get everyone what they to kick off 2019 with their best face (shrug?) forward! More deets later after several more sleeps.


In the meantime, since I think of you all as friends (yes even if we have just had one tiny shoot years ago!) I wanted to share some of the images from our trip, because sharing is caring. The Mr and I had never been to Europe at all, either as a duo or a singlet so we thought we would take the opportunity to have a cold weather, Christmas-y honeymoon! Our first stop was London, where we stayed at the Apex Hotel, which sent us up the most incredible plate of sweets and upgraded our room when they found out we were on our honeymoon. It was just about the nicest way to recover from a long flight! I would definitely recommend them if you are in the area!

 Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
 Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

London, as we fast learned, is a walking town, so a lot of what we found was by chance or necessity (bathrooms, pints, and feet resting breaks) or from watching an awesomely cheesy youtube show called “What’s Good” but if anyone is interested in the specifics of any place shoot me a message! Here are some good things.

 Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
 Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
 Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Pints + Pies (my favorite was a classic mushroom), Raclette from Borough Market (not pictured: the grilled cheese sandwich I consumed gleefully or the donuts from Bread Ahead), metal head bar “The Cro Bar” where I uncontrollably burst into laughter when a drunk kid yelled “I fucking LOVE Soundgarden” (I mean we all do I guess but..chill Bruh) , SO much mulled wine and Christmas markets, and the incredible Black Daal from Dishoom (pictured after we attacked it) that looks nowhere near as utterly, unreasonably good as it was.


We got tea from the “Secret Tea Room” in Soho which is up a narrow set of stairs from inside a pub, that was so secret that even inside the pub we were wondering if we were in the right spot, and explored the British Museum, which was beautiful but pretty weird to see all the huge pieces of tombs, mummies and art that had been “excavated”.

 Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

English breakfast room service, then off to Paris!

Musee d’Orsay had a collection of Picasso’s blue and rose period, hot chocolate from famous literary cafe Les Deux Magots was beyond opulent and a peek of the Eiffel Tower hiding. Also the best falafel/shawarma place in Paris that I wish I could eat at every single day and a dumpling spot called Ravioli Nord Est that had a line well out the door. We definitely ate some pate, escargot and divine duck confit but it was really cool tasting the differences in the flavors of some of our favorite types of food in LA.

We were fortunately right next door to a really lovely little boulangerie which made the best bread and breakfasty snacks, but was so small it didn’t come up on yelp or a map. I really wanted to just go here every day because it was so perfect and no one made fun of how many heart eyes I made at bread. The sandwiches here are ham and cheese with veg and salmon and cream cheese. Also pictured was a chocolate bread that I am really not sure of it’s name but if you know it tell me because I am in literal love with it. Also those tiny little beautiful donuty puff things were Chouquettes and I am also in love with them. Don’t make me choose. While we are at it here were some macarons we ate too because when in France don’t stop eating until you explode.

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Of course we had to go to that famous tower thing. It goes pretty high up. No photos do it any justice but you can see an incredible distance. Also I learned that the higher up one goes, the more windy it gets so, uh, bring a scarf. You can buy different passes to the Eiffel tower which might include you walking up stairs or taking the lift, and going up to only the first or second floor or all the way to the top. We figured we’d go all in tourist and hit the top but walked most of the way down at a leisurely pace.

We also hit up the Louvre to go visit M. Lisa, but she had a lot of friends already. Going into the museum we knew it was going to be big, everyone says it is big, but I didn’t think it was “we actually got lost in the Louvre” big, but um, spoiler alert: it is. The Mr and I who are both at least medium good at reading signs got totally lost and had to wander around looking for the way out like confused, non French speaking toddlers squinting at the windows looking for the “pyramid” that got us inside. Don’t worry, we got out. I am not writing this from the Louvre. Probably. Also every article I saw about the Louvre reminded one to “look up” as if you could possibly miss the awe inspiring paintings and sculptures on the ceilings. I mean I guess if you were never planning to look up, here is your reminder. There is rad stuff up there.

Also Notre Dame…

Then we skipped off to Bruges for some Christmas market heaven and got ultra festive with some street food and picked up present. The main square had an awesome little market with some food stalls where we got some Bratwurst, fried shrimp and shrimp croquettes, this sea snail stew which was awesome on the cold night and this potato and cheese mountain of glory. I forgot what it was called but if you ever see this run to it. It will embrace you with warm, gooey, cheesy potato arms.

 Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
 Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
 Processed with VSCO with a6 preset Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
 Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Hot chocolate + waffles from Lizzies Wafles and Belgian Chocolate! To make the hot chocolate you drop the bowl of chocolate into the warm milk! There was a long line for this place but totally worth it! To mediate the sweets we also stopped in at the Bruges Torture Museum which was an illuminating glimpse into all the ways I don’t want to be questioned about my interest in the occult…

Finally we wrapped our stay back in London at the CitizenM hotel which was a super futuristic and cool arts focused spot in Shoreditch (they gave you an ipad that controlled the color of your bathroom lights…I mean what!?!) that apparently also heard it was our honeymoon and had to top the other hotel’s generosity…

 Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

The last night in London was a little bittersweet as we knew things were wrapping up and we’d soon be on another LOOONNNNGG flight home but wow, what an incredible honeymoon! Thank you so much to everyone for all your travel tips, nice thoughts, and comments along the way, we appreciate you all!

Now it’s back to business and trying to beat that jet lag so I can be my best for you!

Thanks for following along and happy snacking!