Booze in baby sized bottles (but not booze for babies)

This round of awesome kitschy photos I shot for Hello Giggles’ 2019 Beauty Crush Awards have finally gone live so tomorrow I will be posting all about that rad project, but in the meantime I wanted to show off a cool mini project of mini bottles and ask you for your mini help!


This weekend I was fortunate enough to snag some handfuls of vintage nip bottles from a fellow photographer who was in crunch time to clear out her house before a big renovation. A couple of her family members had for years collected these little bottles from wherever they happened to be traveling and brought them home to display in these giant cases. Well, fast forward to many years down the line and those giant cases had to come down and the bottles needed to go to new homes, so I picked up a pile to sneak into some food shots.



Yesterday I took a breather from editing my backlog of shoots to pop into the studio for a couple of hours to say hi to my studio mates and try a few set ups of them shot individually for the records and for FUN! Here’s what I turned up!

The Fancy Vintage Look

The Moody on Black

Getting Artsy With Color

The real cool thing about these bottles to me though is hands down the details on them that show their origin, age and maybe a little bit of the life they’ve led up until now…

Now the question for you…

What kind of shots do you think these bad boys should make an appearance in? What are your favorite snacks to have with a little bit of liquid courage? I’m a little bit baffled over here but excited to hear your thoughts! Leave your ideas in the comments or shoot me a message!

Until next time,

Happy snacking,