Allied Studios First Open House!!!

As you all know by now even though I am VERY subtle about it, (I’M EXCITED!!!!) I started renting space in the Allied Studios loft in DTLA this December and since have been having a blast shooting everything I can in the beautiful daylight bay I claimed, while also getting to know my studio-mates!

One of the many hurdles I have had as I grow my photography business and transition into the new to me market of food and beverage is the isolation I can feel as a freelancer. It’s very easy to get caught up in the mix of running around, meeting deadlines and marketing for new gigs and forget that this is a huge big city full of amazing folks that work just as hard on just as creative projects.

As I joined this space I was elated to get to share a physical space and some emotional space with all of these amazing creatives! We have (2) other photographers, a painter, a creative producer, an amazing graphic artist and a super rad clothing designer and now that we are a full house brimming with energy we decided to show the world what we are all about and open our doors for the first open house where we are all together! If you were not in the LA area (or were but were massively busy on your own hustle…I see you!) I want to share some shots I took of the most excellent event!

Getting Ready

DIY Valentine’s Day Station to spread the Love


Duh Ambiance


Some of my new resin jewelry

Everything coming together…

Friends + Family + New friends + New Family = FUN

The Mr came by and I took many photos bc SO handsome!

Pam got swallowed by a glorious cloak made by Ramiro

And studio mate Aurelie wanted in on the fun so here are several photos of her spinning in things Ramiro made

More spinning…

You thought she was done…NAH MORE SPINNING!

OMG even I am tired now…


The end…


Thank you all for the support and I’m glad I could share a little bit of a really wonderful day with you all!

Until next time..

Happy snacking,