NPS + Doing Your Best With Whatcha Got


Just a quick update but a little thing that is close to my heart (cake) this week is I was accepted to Nikon Pro Services.

To get into NPS you need to qualify with a certain amount of gear and up until now it's been unattainable for me. I've worked really hard over the last few (ok many) years to save up for all the gear, lighting, and so much of my kit is DIYed. Photography isn’t the easiest profession to be in without a security net, requiring a lot of updates for our cameras, regular maintenance, lots of new job specific gear and of course the usual struggles of marketing that get rolled into the cost of doing business.

While I always try my hardest to keep my prices accessible I've heard folks upset over the high cost of photography and thought I'd take a quick second to note how hard many of us have had to work for the tools we need to do the trade ( + of course, a hefty dose of resourcefulness).

For everyone working hard to be their best this week, maybe against some steep odds, I see ya.  Celebrate all your wins even if it’s just a win to you! 🖤