Ooh La La, Pretty Pastries in Los Angeles

If you have ever been around me when I suggest places for lunch or it should come as exactly zero surprise I love my local bakery/cafe Gigis’ in Echo Park.

Gigi’s has a glorious assortment of Cuban favorites and Mexican staples (hello potato balls and cheese + guava empanadas…), a really bangin Medianoche sandwich and one of my favorite neighborhood breakfasts (beans + crema + plantains thank you very much) but on this particular day I was in search of a couple of pretty pastries for a portfolio picture (ok alliteration calm down) and knew they would deliver.

As I work on getting up to speed in the food and beverage industry one of the biggest challenges is what to photograph for my portfolio? I am not a baker. This is beyond obvious. I could over-bake air. (Meringue? Impossible! Who do you think I am? A wizard?) So I am relying on some of my favorite neighborhood spots to help a girl out in a pinch. I’m not getting anything by sharing this, just that I hope you all keep supporting your local food spots so they stick around in these messy gentrifying times. ANYWAY, so on this day Gigi’s got called into action in the studio. Here were some of the shots I came up with!


***That bottle is a several hundred year old ceramic bottle that was literally dug up in England that I picked up on my honeymoon with the Mr who was patient enough to let me talk to a dude at a street market for entirely too long about antique bottles and historical dumping sites….***


Things I learned

  • Meringue melts really fast and is super easy to mess up even if you are careful

  • It can be fixed in retouching which I did a lot of in these shots

  • Berries in a guava syrup look pretty erotic

  • I’m ok with that

  • Having a brush and tools are very useful for carefully moving accidental crumbs

  • The best part of shooting pastries is sharing those beautiful babies with my studio mates!

Hopefully this inspires you to all go out and grab a snack from a local spot! Until next time,

Happy snacking,



Hello Giggles Beauty Crush Awards 2019


Pals IT IS HERE! The best time of the year (OK maybe there are a lot of best times of year don’t judge) the Hello Giggles Beauty Crush Awards! The team over at Hello Giggles spent a ton of time sorting through and testing drug store and fancier non drug store options in a pile of categories like lipsticks, mascaras, skin care and pretty much everything you could possibly think of that you might want to put on your face to make it RADIATE WITH GLAMOUR.

I was fortunate enough to get to team up with this badass crew of ladies to photograph this project and once again I think we struck gold! The theme was “Riverdale meets Valentine’s day in a diner” so obviously I was in LOVE. Please head right over to their website to see all the winners and bookmark where I will be spending all my paycheck this week… I’m coming for you face mist…




I loved literally every photo we took but here were some of the winners!

Summer Friday’s Jet Lag Mask


Fenty Stunna Lip Paint


CoverGirl Exhibitionist Mascara


Charlotte Tilbury Bronze and Glow


Olay Mist Ultimate Hydration Essence Calming With Aloe Leaf & Chamomile


Essie Nail Polish


The T3 Cura Luxe hair dryer (aka the fanciest hair dryer I have ever seen)


There are literally over a hundred products at a bunch of different price points on their list and the whole company was a-buzz with excitement for this shoot so you know they were really putting in the work testing them all!

It’s rare that I get to shoot a set that is SO on brand for me (hi makeup and burgers!) with such an incredible team of women that I just needed to set some time aside to gush about them all!

The hair and makeup team for this shoot was: Daniela Bernotas (@danielabmua) and Elizabeth Abravaya (@makeupartist_elizabeth_a)

Produced by: Brittni Brown (@brittnus)

Edited by Senior Beauty Editor: Marie Madeline Lodi Andreakos (@agentlover)

They all absolutely crushed it and made it just the best day on set!


Hopefully you enjoyed seeing some of the fruits of our glamorous labor and I’ll do my best to actually remember to post some of the finished work I do and not just mention it and run off to shoot something else (like I have been doing ooops…)!

In the meantime though, please do check out their list because it is just too cool!


Until next time,

Happy snacking,



Booze in baby sized bottles (but not booze for babies)

This round of awesome kitschy photos I shot for Hello Giggles’ 2019 Beauty Crush Awards have finally gone live so tomorrow I will be posting all about that rad project, but in the meantime I wanted to show off a cool mini project of mini bottles and ask you for your mini help!


This weekend I was fortunate enough to snag some handfuls of vintage nip bottles from a fellow photographer who was in crunch time to clear out her house before a big renovation. A couple of her family members had for years collected these little bottles from wherever they happened to be traveling and brought them home to display in these giant cases. Well, fast forward to many years down the line and those giant cases had to come down and the bottles needed to go to new homes, so I picked up a pile to sneak into some food shots.



Yesterday I took a breather from editing my backlog of shoots to pop into the studio for a couple of hours to say hi to my studio mates and try a few set ups of them shot individually for the records and for FUN! Here’s what I turned up!

The Fancy Vintage Look

The Moody on Black

Getting Artsy With Color

The real cool thing about these bottles to me though is hands down the details on them that show their origin, age and maybe a little bit of the life they’ve led up until now…

Now the question for you…

What kind of shots do you think these bad boys should make an appearance in? What are your favorite snacks to have with a little bit of liquid courage? I’m a little bit baffled over here but excited to hear your thoughts! Leave your ideas in the comments or shoot me a message!

Until next time,

Happy snacking,



Allied Studios First Open House!!!

As you all know by now even though I am VERY subtle about it, (I’M EXCITED!!!!) I started renting space in the Allied Studios loft in DTLA this December and since have been having a blast shooting everything I can in the beautiful daylight bay I claimed, while also getting to know my studio-mates!

One of the many hurdles I have had as I grow my photography business and transition into the new to me market of food and beverage is the isolation I can feel as a freelancer. It’s very easy to get caught up in the mix of running around, meeting deadlines and marketing for new gigs and forget that this is a huge big city full of amazing folks that work just as hard on just as creative projects.

As I joined this space I was elated to get to share a physical space and some emotional space with all of these amazing creatives! We have (2) other photographers, a painter, a creative producer, an amazing graphic artist and a super rad clothing designer and now that we are a full house brimming with energy we decided to show the world what we are all about and open our doors for the first open house where we are all together! If you were not in the LA area (or were but were massively busy on your own hustle…I see you!) I want to share some shots I took of the most excellent event!

Getting Ready

DIY Valentine’s Day Station to spread the Love


Duh Ambiance


Some of my new resin jewelry

Everything coming together…

Friends + Family + New friends + New Family = FUN

The Mr came by and I took many photos bc SO handsome!

Pam got swallowed by a glorious cloak made by Ramiro

And studio mate Aurelie wanted in on the fun so here are several photos of her spinning in things Ramiro made

More spinning…

You thought she was done…NAH MORE SPINNING!

OMG even I am tired now…


The end…


Thank you all for the support and I’m glad I could share a little bit of a really wonderful day with you all!

Until next time..

Happy snacking,